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The Good Bar

BEAUTY IS MORE THAN SKIN DEEP. Each and every brushstroke, pencil line, rub, dab, smear, and lather passes through our pores and into the body. Although elastic and durable like an artist’s canvas, our skin is a sponge, it is soft and absorbent. Makes you think....maybe the things that make us look good on the outside, are not so good for us on the inside? 

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Made with Essential Oils

All our GOOD BARS are scented with only essential oils, which are all natural extracts derived from plant matter. The scents are gender neutral & have therapeutic qualities.  


Cold Process soapmaking is the act of mixing fixed oils (Olive, Coconut, etc. ) with an alkali (Lye). The result is a chemical process called saponification, where the composition of the oils change with the help of the lye to create a bar of soap


The process of curing CP soap allows the excess moisture in the bars to evaporate, leaving a harder and longer-lasting bar. The 4 to 6 week curing and drying time helps to produce the most gentle bar of soap possible.