Meet the Soapmaker


The love of soap making started in her home country, the Philippines. Carla’s time back at home encouraged her to connect with people in her community. She was introduced to a woman who had a small soap company where she was taught to make natural, plant-based beauty products to improve & help heal skin conditions.

What started out as a hobby, the Good Bar has grown to a collection of 6 different soaps, each adapted for different skin types that can help with acne, dry skin, oil skin and sensitive skin types.


About the Bar - The Good Bar started in 2015.  Carla is a self-made entrepreneur, Yoga & Pilates instructor who loves to make clean & green products for all different skin types. For several years, she suffered from eczema and was given prescription cleansers & steroid creams to help with this. Carla wanted a better alternative to harmful, unnatural chemical products. This was the beginning of The Good Bar. All the soap bars are made through a process called Cold Process, mixing fixed oils such as coconut, olive, & avocado oil with alkali(lye), creating a chemical reaction called “saponification”. The Detox Bar was created. Charcoal mixed with skin nourishing oils soothe inflammation, prevents infection & remove toxins to help penetrate moisture back into the body’s skin cells.


Each bar is cured for 4-6 weeks for water to evaporate, causing the bar to harden. This makes a milder, gentler bar of soap, which produces more lather and a longer lasting soap. Every bar is fragranced with essential oils that have therapeutic qualities which are gender neutral in smell. Our bars are packaged in recyclable boxes, sealed to hold each bars scent in longer. The interior of the box is lined, making it water resistant which can be used as a travel carrier for your soap.


The Good Bar is all natural, handcrafted and made in small batches.