Meet the Soapmaker



Born in Manila, raised in Toronto, Carla is the owner and maker of The Good Bar.  The love of soap making started in her home country, the Philippines. Her time back home encouraged her to connect with people in her community.  She was introduced to a woman who had a small soap company where she was taught to make natural, plant based beauty products to improve & help heal skin conditions.  

Carla juggles between being an self-made entrepreneur while teaching yoga.  She loves to create clean & green products for all different skin types, while sharing the benefits of yoga.  She believes every person should take the time for self-care be it through yoga and their beauty routine.

For several years, she suffered from eczema.  She was given different pharmaceutical creams with steroids to help with this.  She wanted to have a better alternative to chemical creams, and developed the Detox Bar, which is her best selling soap.  

The Good Bar first started 2015, with a small collection of 5 soap bars.   What started out as a hobby, and modest gift alternative to a bottle of wine, the company has grown through word of mouth.